5pcs/lot 1200W 20A DC Converter Boost Step up Power Supply Module IN 8 60V OUT 12 83V

5pcs/lot 1200W 20A DC Converter Boost Step up Power Supply Module IN 8 60V OUT 12 83V
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Large heat sink design (length 85MM * width 62MM * high 64MM), and do black oxidation (black oxidation heat effect is excellent). Support 12-60V wide input voltage, 12-80V adjustable wide output voltage, ultra-low input and output differential pressure.
Taobao exclusive launch: the output constant current way, do not miss Oh! (Current Taobao similar module current regulation can only adjust the input current, so this can only be used when the input over-current protection, and can not control the output current, only the output current adjustable is the real constant current)

Module parameters: 

Module name: 1200W boost constant current module  

Module nature:Non-Isolated Boost Module (BOOST)

Input voltage: 8-60V

    Input Current:20A (Really 20A input, Taobao many sellers almost all virtual standard, an inductor, a MOS power tube can reach 20A, killing I do not believe)

Static operating current:15mA (12V liter 20V, the higher the output voltage will be increased too much static too)

The output voltage:12-80V continuously adjustable

                      12-80V adjustable

Output current:20A MAX more than 18A Please strengthen the heat (with the input and output pressure, the greater the difference in output current smaller)

   Constant current range:Maximum 20A

   Output power: =Input voltage * 20A, such as: input 12V * 20A = 240W, input 24V * 20A = 480W,

Input 36V * 10A = 720W, input 48V * 20A = 960W, input 60V * 20A = 1200W

The following are the same as the "

Operating temperature:-40 ~ +85 degrees (when the ambient temperature is too high, please strengthen the heat)

working frequency:150KHz

Conversion efficiency:Up to 95% (efficiency and input, output voltage, current, pressure related)

    Overcurrent protection:Yes (with current limiting current regulation, adjustable output current limit, current exceeds the current limit, automatically reduce the output current to a minimum of 5A, depending on the load nature of the current will be different.)   

Short circuit protection:Yes (input 20A fuse)Double short circuit protection, the use of more secure.

Input Reverse Protection:No, (if necessary, please enter the string into the diode)

Output anti-anti-irrigation:There is no need to add anti-diodes for charging.

Installation:4 3mm screws

Wiring:TerminalsFreeWelding output

Module size:Length 85mm Width 63mm Height 64mm



1, DIY a power supply, the input can be 12V, the output can be 12-80V adjustable.

2, for your electronic equipment power supply, you can set the output value according to your system voltage.

3,As a power supply for the car, for your laptop, PDA or a variety of digital products.

4, DIY a high power notebook mobile power: coupled with a large capacity of 12V lithium battery pack, so that your books where you can light up where

5, solar panel regulator.

6, to the battery, lithium battery and other charges.

7, drive high power LED lights.


First, the input voltage range selection:The factory default is 12-60V input

Second, the output voltage and current regulation method:

     1, adjust the output voltage: adjust the CV potentiometer, according to your battery or LED, the output voltage is set to the voltage you need. Such as 10 string LED voltage regulation 37V, four strings of battery adjustable 55V and so on.

2, adjust the output current: counterclockwise set CC potentiometer about 30 laps, the output current is set to minimum, connected to the LED, adjust the CC compiler to the required current. For the battery charge, the battery after the end of the battery, and then received the output, adjust the CC to the current you need (for charging must be used when the battery is fully charged, because the battery remaining power More, the smaller the charging current.Please do not use the short circuit to adjust the current, the boost module circuit structure can not be short-circuit way to tune.

3, over-current regulation: designed for the output short-circuit protection, which means that when the output short circuit exceeds the set short-circuit limit current, the power off output is the minimum value of 5A, depending on the load is different to protect the power supply module and The electrical equipment is not damaged. Adjustment method: first set the protection point of the current, if it is 8A protection. Use the output current to adjust the output current to 8A, and then adjust the "overcurrent adjustment" CL potentiometer (counterclockwise rotation) to the output current suddenly drop to the minimum value can be. Some of the overcurrent is 8A. (Note that if the protection point of the current is less than the current required by the device when the power will be protected, it is recommended that if you do not need overcurrent protection is best clockwise turn around 30 or so to the maximum)



3, the import of 27mm large iron silicon aluminum ring, thick copper enameled wire double and around, thick aluminum radiator, so that the whole module fever lower, enter two 470uF / 100V electrolytic capacitor, the output of three 470uF / 100V low Resistance to electrolysis, and the other output ripple lower. Inductive vertical design more stable, minimal interference, replaceable fuse, double protection more reliable. The overall setting is very reasonable, structural design is very elegant.