1500W 30A DC Boost Converter Step up Power Supply Module In10~60V Out 12~90V New Electric Unit Modules Module

1500W 30A DC Boost Converter Step up Power Supply Module In10~60V Out 12~90V New Electric Unit Modules Module
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Module name: 1800W boost constant current module
Module nature: non-isolated boost module (BOOST)
Input voltage: DC10-60V
Input current: 10-30V input voltage, maximum current 35A-40A
                       31-60V input voltage, maximum current 30A-35A
Static working current: 15mA (12V liters 20V, the higher the output voltage, the static current will increase)
Output voltage: 12-97V continuously adjustable (for low voltage boost voltage applications can not be reduced)
Output current: 22A MAX More than 15A, please strengthen the heat dissipation (related to the input and output voltage difference, the larger the differential pressure, the smaller the output current)
 Constant current range: 0.8-22A (+/-0.3A)
 Input anti-reverse connection: Yes (150A power MOS anti-reverse)
 Input low voltage protection: there is (10-50V adjustable) self-recovery type
 Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees (enhance heat dissipation when the ambient temperature is too high)
 Working frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: 92%-97% (efficiency is related to input, output voltage, current, differential pressure. Low differential pressure)
Input overcurrent protection: Yes (input over 40A, automatic protection, power does not boost)
Short circuit protection: Yes (input 60A fuse) Please operate with caution, please do not short circuit.
Input reverse connection protection: Yes (150A power MOS tube anti-reverse. Can be reversed for a long time)
Installation method: 4 3mm copper columns
Wiring method: terminal block (please use high current pure copper wire)
Module size: length 130mm width 52mm height 84mm (high copper column and fan), length 130mm width 52mm height 67mm (high without copper column and fan)
Output power: = input voltage * 30A, such as: input 12V * 30A = 360W The maximum power when inputting 12V is 360W
Input voltage *30A For example: input 24V * 30A = 720W, that is: the maximum power is 720W when inputting 24V
Note:The module output can\'t be short-circuited or the direct current meter can short-circuit the current, and the short circuit will burn the module.
Undervoltage adjustable range: DC10V-50V (clockwise adjustment, counterclockwise adjustment), first adjust the undervoltage to the minimum, then adjust the input voltage to the undervoltage protection value you need, then slowly turn clockwise Adjustable and adjustable, when the undervoltage indicator is turned on, it will be adjusted back again and re-energized.
The input undervoltage protection is mainly to prevent the battery from being over-discharged when the input power is the battery. The battery voltage is too low to damage the power module and the battery. When the input is a switching power supply, the low voltage protection should also be set.
Constant voltage adjustable range: DC12-97V (clockwise adjustment, counterclockwise adjustment), please adjust the voltage to the voltage you need after output no load and then switch on the load.
Constant current adjustable range: 0.8-22A (clockwise adjustment, counterclockwise adjustment), first adjust the output voltage to the voltage required by the load, and adjust the current to the minimum (counterclockwise screw potentiometer about 30 turns) In the output string into an ammeter, and then slowly put the current to the current required by the load. (The boost module cannot directly short-circuit the current)
The power supply has an intelligent temperature control fan. When the power supply temperature reaches about 60 degrees, the fan automatically turns on. When the power supply temperature drops to about 60 degrees, the fan automatically turns off.
The input voltage should not be lower than 10V or exceed 60V. (Please reduce the load properly when the input voltage is lower than 12V).
It must be ensured that the input voltage is lower than the output voltage by more than 2V.
When using a switching power supply or other secondary power supply, please ensure that the power supply power should be greater than 1.3 times the power of the module.
When the power supply is over-current or under-voltage protection, the output has a voltage close to the input value, and the protection is only that the power supply does not boost.
 Application range:
High-power solar street light drive.
Various LED lighting constant current drive.
Powered by car and various mobile devices.
DIY adjustable constant voltage constant current power supply.
Solar charging.
Charge various batteries.
Package include:
1 * 1800W 30A DC-DC Boost Converter



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