Modern 45cm Height Chinese Ceramic Drum Stool Low Decoration Cosmetic Stool Living Room Hotel Shopping Mall Drum Leisure Stool

Modern 45cm Height Chinese Ceramic Drum Stool Low Decoration Cosmetic Stool Living Room Hotel Shopping Mall Drum Leisure Stool
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[BabyStyle]: Antique Medieval Knight Decoration

[Baby Description:Rugged, lightweight, easy-to-long reservoir, handmade. System board, die, positioning and laser welding, every detail embodies the old craftsmen of effort,Exquisite workmanship, styling rigid, Iron figure symbolizes the Knights Templar integrity and perseverance.

Middle Ages (about 395 - 1500), was an era in European history (mainly in Western Europe), calculated by the demise of the Western Roman Empire began, until the Renaissance, after the rise of the totalitarian period. The term "Middle Ages" is from the late 15th century humanist use. Europe does not have a strong regime to rule this period. Feudal separatism brought frequent wars, resulting in the development of science and technology and productivity stagnation, people living in hopeless misery, so the Middle Ages or the early Middle Ages in Europe and generally known as the "dark ages", which is traditionally considered the history of European civilization development relatively slow period.







[Size]:16 * 10 * 46cm(Length width height cm)

[Weight]: 0.7kg Gross Net 2 kg

[ Package Size :25 * 15 * 50cm

Color: Antique

[Material]: cold rolled sheet wood

[Process]:Hand made






[About the product]Our products are hand-built, and machinery and resin mold turning model is different, how much will be some handmade signs,Please demanding perfect buyer careful purchase.

[On] do the oldOur products are retro style, antique to do the old deal done, in order to trace products more time, a sense of history, not used the old products, please buyers do not like the antique effect of careful consideration.

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